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Save time and money with our wide selection of do it yourself shed plans. Start today! Most of our plans are available to download instantly at checkout. From a simple storage shed plan to an amazing backyard playhouse, when you buy a DIY-Plan from us, you are guaranteed a great plan at a great value.

Our plans are easy to build thanks to our thorough and easy to follow instructions. All of our plans come with twice the plan pages compared to the competition, a tool list, a cut list, and a material list in excel format so you can calculate the exact cost of your project.

Don't wait. DIY. Do it Yourself.

We currently have 155 plans and more are coming soon. Building an outdoor project has never been easier. For news and tips follow us the social media platforms below.

Plan Categories

Featured Plans

8X10 Gable Utility Shed Plan image
80 Sq Ft
plan on sale$13.99
Cost to Build: $800 to $1,600
Large Dog House and Shed Plan image
160 Sq Ft
plan on sale$17.99
Cost to Build: $0 to $0
Swing set and 4X8 Storage Shed... image
64 Sq Ft
plan on sale$19.99
Cost to Build: $600 to $1,000
Arbor Seat Plan image
8 Sq Ft
plan on sale$0.00
Cost to Build: $50 to $100
Free 3X4 Dog House Plan image
12 Sq Ft
plan on sale$0.00
Cost to Build: $50 to $100

Popular Plans

8X16 Large Storage Shed Plan image
128 Sq Ft
plan on sale$16.99
Cost to Build: $1,280 to $2,560
8X10 Gable Utility Shed Plan image
80 Sq Ft
plan on sale$13.99
Cost to Build: $800 to $1,600
8X12 Garden Shed Plan image
96 Sq Ft
plan on sale$14.99
Cost to Build: $960 to $1,920
10x12 Gambrel Storage Shed Pla... image
120 Sq Ft
plan on sale$15.99
Cost to Build: $1,200 to $2,400
Free 3X4 Dog House Plan image
12 Sq Ft
plan on sale$0.00
Cost to Build: $50 to $100

Newest Plans

New_Plan_29 image
na Sq Ft
Cost to Build: na to na
12x10 Modern Shed Plan image
0 Sq Ft
Cost to Build: $0 to $0
12x28 Garden Shed Plan image
336 Sq Ft
Cost to Build: $3,360 to $6,720
12x26 Garden Shed Plan image
312 Sq Ft
Cost to Build: $3,120 to $6,240
12x24 Garden Shed Plan image
288 Sq Ft
Cost to Build: $2,880 to $5,760

Latest Blogs

Not All Plan Websites are Created Equal

I spend a few hours purusing the internet looking at some of the other plan companies on the internet and it left me feeling very happy.  Why do I say that?  Well I'll give you a few reasons.  Let me explain by giving you a look at the outdoor plans marketplace.


There are basically three types of online plan providers:

  • The first type of plan site is a one page website that claims to offer thousands and thousands of plans in one purchase.  It sounds great but I have been a victom of this scam.  Most of the plans are of poor quality and are already found on the internet for free.  Many plans are incomplete, only have 1 page of content, and some are very hard to see and understand.  Customer service is non-existent, so there is no hope for a refund or help with a plan.


  • Another type of plan provider is usually found through some sort of online magazine publication.  These ...

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Shed Roof Types

Have you ever wondered what type of roof is best for your outdoor structure?  Well below we describe four common roof types; the pros and cons of each, and their best uses.  Enjoy!



Gable sheds are one of the most popular choices in shed building.  They are simple and economical storage solutions.  Gable sheds have a single sloping plane of the same pitch on both sides of the ridge. The gable style roof pitch ranges from 12/4 to as high as 12/12 but a 12/6 pitch roof is very common in gable sheds.  Gable sheds are unique in that they provide storage space up high in the truss area. If you have run out of room in yo...

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